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A journey into yourself
the way my heart is headed

Everyone has their own travel goals, and since I can’t take long vacations, I go abroad as soon as the season is off. This winter, I wanted to relax my stiff muscles. This time I chose Bali as my destination. The island is warm even in this season. Ubud, located in the southern highlands of Bali, is a village rich in nature, dotted with terraced rice fields and Hindu temples. Growing up in Yamanashi, I felt comfortable admitting my helplessness in front of the majestic rainforest that overwhelmed me. It was as if I was being told, “Accept as it is without resisting!” The best healing!


The second place to stay was AYANA Resort and Spa in Jimbaran. This is a modern paradise resort hotel with everything a resort should have. The feel of the grass against your bare feet is delicate, and a sense of freedom spreads through your body, as if an invisible membrane is being peeled away. I surrendered myself to the clean and gentle air. Every so often the mind needs a break.

2つ目の宿泊先ジンバランにあるアヤナリゾート&スパ はリゾートのすべてが詰まった近代的な楽園リゾートホテル。裸足に絡む芝の感触が繊細で、見えぬ膜が剥がれていくような開放感が体中に広がる。清閑な空気に身を委ねる。時には心も休みが必要だ。

Indonesian food is also sometimes eaten in the Netherlands. It is simple to prepare and contains a lot of vegetables. Balinese food is often spicy and punchy, and the aroma of fresh spices stimulates the appetite. For breakfast, there is a wide variety of fruits, and the disparity between their unusual shapes and tastes is delightful. The freshness of the fruit will wake up your body and soul at once.


The streets of the short one-hour drive from the airport to our accommodation clearly showed the disparity between the rich and the poor in Bali. Barracks with no doors lined up beside mansions with swimming pools, residents bathing in dirty rivers, and children gathering barefoot on the streets. Bali’s appeal lies not only in its typical resort image, but also in its traditional culture rooted in Hinduism, which attracts many tourists. However, it is also suggested that the poorest of the poor who absolutely need the benefits of the growing tourism industry, are not receiving them. You have to go there to understand it.


No matter where you travel, the sky is above your head and the earth is beneath your feet. Perhaps traveling represent a journey into oneself.


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