A platform for miraculous encounters
《Awareness》《Supporting Friends》and《The power to move forward》 “SAIKAI31” is a platform for such encounters. In “SAIKAI31” we will plan various events and projects in cooperation with people who share the same ideas. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us through CONTACT US ↓
「新たな気づき」「共有できる仲間」「前に進む力」” 際会 ”はそんな出会いのプラットホームです。
”際会 SAIKAI31”では この想いに共感して下さる方々と協賛して、各種のイベントやプロジェクトを企画してまいります。ご興味のある方はCONTACT US↓からご連絡下さい。

Awareness 新たな気づき

Awareness begins with questions and curiosity. When answers to small questions resonate with your heart, awareness arises. This way you develop an inquisitive mind. It will lead to an urge to acquire deeper knowledge and experience.


Supporting Friends 共有できる仲間

If you don’t have any interests by yourself, you may not have many opportunities to gain awareness. What you need to do is to change your environment a little and change your perspective. But, it takes courage to jump into a new environment. In order to step out and take on a challenge, people who encourage you and the friends who suffer with you, have an important role to play.


The Power to move Forward

Through challenges and failures, people discover their preferences and abilities, and build confidence. The confidence and positivity cultivated in this way will the power to initiate a new step forward. We provide a place of awareness, participation and support for those willing to take a positive step forward. The communication skills developed this way will become the driving force to move forward. We believe that SAIKAI31 will be the platform for such encounters.