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Spend money and time on experience


I had a few days off before the start of the season and decided to make a quick visit to Barcelona with a team-mate. The flight from the Netherlands to Barcelona takes about two hours, and if you leave your house early in the morning, you can reach Barcelona before noon.
Barcelona EL Prat International Airport is only 35 minutes away by airport bus from the city center, making it very easy to get to the city. Before heading to the harbor, we picked up some snacks at the market and walked around the city until boarding the ship.
Barcelona is famous for Gaudi’s works, which are also World Heritage Sites. It is overwhelming just to see the variety of architectural styles that have emerged over the years. Many of the gothic buildings that I photographed towered up toward the sky. I was told that this was done to be as close as possible to the god in the sky.


The purpose of this trip was a boat cruise. The weather in the Netherlands is changeable, and it rains a lot. Even in summer, the temperature doesn’t rise much, so it’s hard to imagine swimming in the sea. But just the thought of the sun shining, a blue sea and chilled watermelon which only summer can produce made me excited. This is why I wanted to make a Summer trip this time.


During the three-hour cruise all we had to do was surrendering to the breeze and the lush blue sea. The exhilaration of cruising through the wide open sea is extra-ordinary. While avoiding the jellyfish, we headed out to sea. As I swim by myself and look up, I feel a bit scared that I will be swallowed between the blue sky and the blue sea. It was a different world than the one I saw from the boat.


After disembarking, we enjoyed grilled seafood at a restaurant near the harbor and headed home. It was around 2 am when I got home. If you have time, go out, spend money and time on experience and cultivate and enrich your mind. I feel like I can go berserk next season.