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Setsubun-End of winter

Auspicious direction

On the day of Setsubun (the beginning of spring), the whole PEC ZWOLLE team ate Ehomaki (rolled sushi). The event was organized by my company, SUSHI ROKU. We handed-out ehomaki to all the players and staff so that they could taste the Japanese custom.
“Let’s do our best as a team in the second half of the season, with luck on our side!” With that wish, we bit into the rolls quietly and with closed eyes, all the while holding back our laughter (lol).
“It is difficult to explain the Japanese custom of why we eat Ehomaki with our hands for Setsubun, while closing your eyes and making a heartfelt wish. However, it was a fun and delicious time to introduce Japanese culture to the team.
02 Feb, 2021