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Take your time

Take your time,to bring out your flavore
When did the habit of having a cup of coffee after a meal begin? After breakfast on practice days and after brunch on off days, I have a little me time before the day’s schedule begins. In my case, it is decaffeinated coffee, so the aroma is an important factor. I grind the beans by hand, boil the water in the kettle, and drip the water from the pot as thinly as possible at a steady rate. It takes about three minutes from start to finish. I like the process of doing it this way.
During the season, I give top priority to “professionalism” in everything I do. Every error in diet, training, body care, and sleep affects my performance. It is therefor important to keep striving to maximize your human capital, so to speak. One of the driving forces that inspires me to manage these things in a positive way is the little “me time. The more time you make and the more choices you make, the more you realize that you are in charge of your own life. I would like to continue to have the habit of putting aside all the “should” and spending “me time” at a comfortable pace.