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Rehabilitation Diary②


Week 1 / 1週間目

The day after the surgery, I looked at the surgical scars and realized that I really did have surgery. There was pain and swelling, and I was scared to leave the Dutch clinic to return home in this condition…. Before leaving, I was taught how to climb up and down stairs with crutches.

The physiotherapist said, “You can live with this!” I had to laugh when the physiotherapist said this. (laughs) But I realized again that human life force is really amazing. I was still feeling good with all the adrenaline, and I had a good day back home. At any rate, I regret a little that I do not live in a one-story house… (crying).


Week 2 / 2週間目

Since I couldn’t stand up for now, I secured a base on the first floor. My agent, Linton, also came to see me. It was the first serious injury to a player he supported, and it came as a shock to him. “I’m sorry for worrying you… I’ll evolve and come back, just wait for me!”
Even raising my right leg an centimeter causes intense pain. I can’t move, but my brain is working at full capacity, beginning to overflow with things I want to do.
After a very satisfying night of munching on sushi, the coordinator gives me some dietary guidance, which is now lined up at the top of my to-do list.

I need to reduce my normal 3,500 calorie diet to 3,050, mainly carbohydrates (staple foods). To repair my ligaments, I need to plan a menu based on collagen + vitamin C, omega 3, zinc, 350g of vegetables a day, etc. This will prevent the loss of muscle mass while exercising less. I’ve also started cooking, but the medication doesn’t give me much of an appetite, and I keep getting the feeling of air in my stomach and nausea. But cooking is a nice change of pace!

be continued  まだまだ続く・・・・

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