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Rehabilitation Diary③


Week 3 /3週間目

I went out for the first time in a long time and headed for the club. I rode in the back seat of the car, keeping my legs stretched out. Sure enough, it was refreshing to get out and meet people. Revalidation at the club started today!


Finally, standing without crutches is no longer painful.Just when I could finally stand without crutches, I was immediately put through a full-body workout at the club, where I had to do a battle rope workout as hard as I could.



This was immediately followed by a mitt workout (boxing). A menu that will keep you doing it forever. It seems the menu kept going on forever. Differently, I was brought back to a situation where I couldn’t stand up again.


I was grateful and delighted to be able to exercise with my whole body like this for the first time in a long time. I had been sitting at home doing nothing. Although I could only perform a limited number of things, it was fun to see that this number increases little by little. I learned again how reliable human resilience is.

Week 4 /4週間目

Spring has come 春が来た

It’s been about a month after the operation, and before I knew it, the cherry blossoms had sprouted and my clothes became lighter. I’ve gone from not being able to stand up on my own, to taking one step at a time, making small but steady progress every day. It’s a joy to have my feet on the ground. I can now see where I am going.


be continued  まだまだ続く・・・・

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